Riot at football gme 1903

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Riot at football gme 1903 - FIGtlTIflG MAYOR AIID ' BROKE A Trouble Over a...
FIGtlTIflG MAYOR AIID ' BROKE A Trouble Over a Foot Ball Game Caused Many Bloodv Noses and Broken Heads Akron Team 3Iixed In Argument 4Which Resulted Seriously. The desperate efforts of Rev.. Robert Kell, pastor of the Episcopal church of Cuyahoga Falls, and - Mayor E- E- M. "Joung to quell a riot on the foot ball fleld at the Falls Saturday afternoon probaby saved several players and spectators at the game from being killed." killed." The Nonpareils of South Akron and the Cuyahoga Falls team attempted to play a game, and an argument over a decision made by the referee precipitated precipitated a riot, which, but for the interference interference of the mayor and the minister minister would no doubt have resulted in the loss of life. As it was a score or more of rioters were injured, a number of them seriously, seriously, and the field after the smoke of battle had cleared away was covered with blood. During the melee clubs were used freely and with great effect. effect. Scalps were laid openi noses broken and several of the participants were rendered unconscious, and remained remained on the field to be patched up by their comrades. The majority of those injured were able to walk from the field, but not a few of them were taken away !n buggies. While a score or more persons were injured on each side, nOne of them was dangerously hurt. ' ' Trouble Started. The game was a dirty one from the beginning, and before it broke up in a riot. Barker, the big right tackle of the Falls team was laid out several times. Roy Ross, president of the Nonpareils, acred as referee and umpire umpire of the game. At the end of the second half the score stood 5 to 0 in favor of the Akron team. Because Ross was president of the Nonpareils and was acting as referee and umpire of a game in which his club was in--Crested in--Crested in--Crested in--Crested the Falls boys imagined that 'he was giving them the worst end of it in the decisions. A dispute arose over a decision, and Captain Fenton of the Nonpareils, in order to avoid a row, which seemed imminent, left the field, calling on his men to follow him. Several of the players followed the captain, but a number them stopped to argue the matter with the members members of the opposing team and the spectators. spectators. Suddenly one of the Falls players struck an Akron man and the trouble began. " There was a large pile of lumber near at hand which furnished club9 for the rioters, and in a short time at least 50 persons were armed with clubs and engaged in a desperate struggle. The Falls crowd outnumbered the Ak-ronians Ak-ronians Ak-ronians many times, and the latter were getting the worst of the encounter encounter when Mayor E. M. Young and Rev. Robert Kell interfered. Rev. Kell stands six feet in his stockings and weighs ever 210 pounds. He and the mayor attempted to stop the riot by talk, but no attention was paid to them. Seeing that something would have to be done at once before somebody somebody 'was killed, both men jumped into the thickest of the fight. Went After Them. The rioters were hurled right and left by the two sturdy peacemakers. It was a unique way to preserve order, order, but it was the only thing that could have been dene under the circumstances. circumstances. Rev. Kell picked a number of the participants up bodily and threw them out of the crowd. After desperate efforts comparative quiet was secured and the minister-athlete minister-athlete minister-athlete emphatically impressed the crowd that MINISTER - SMALL RIOT AT .ALLS. the next man that struck a blow would have reason to be sorry for his action the remainder of his days. The rioters rioters evidently thought that Rev. Kell meant just what he said and the crowd dispersed. The reverend gentleman gentleman was struck several times, but was only slightly injured. . At one time there were over a dozen men laid out on the field unconscious and the field was covered with the blood of the rioters. The excitement was intense and several lady spectators spectators fainted. ' "When the rioting was at its highest, Charles Davis of this city, one of the spectators, started to run. flavor Young saw him trying to get away and thinking that he .had killed somebody yelled. "Catch that man!" Instantly mere "than 100 people started after him, including the mayor, who hurriedly hurriedly jumped in his buggy. Davis was-thoroughly was-thoroughly was-thoroughly frightened and the crowd ves left far behind. Mayor ( Young, however, forced his horse into a run and succeeded in capturing him. Davis seeing that the mayor was about to overtake him, ran into a house about a mile from the foot ball field and asked for protection. Chased by Mob. He was placed in the mayor's buggy and taken to the village prison. On the way to the prison large crowds surrounded the mayor and his prisoner. prisoner. The mayor ordered the crowd away and again forced his horse into a run, and the mob had to be satisfied satisfied with throwing clubs and stones, several of which struck the occupants. When the prison was reached Davis was hustled through the crowd and placed in a cell. In a few minutes the city hall was surrounded by a howling howling mob of fully 200 people. The crowd thought that Davis had killed somebody, and they wanted vengeance. After a hurried investigation Mayor Young discovered .that nobody had been killed during the rioting and that Davis was running away from the mob to keep from being injured. He informed informed the mob of this fact and .ordered .ordered it to disperse. This seemed to satisfy the members of the mob and in a short time the streets were cleared. cleared. .After the crowd had dispersed Davis was released. When the members members of the Akron team and rooters left to board a car for this city they were followed by a large crowd to the outskirts of the village and were stoned stoned as they entered the car. , Will Play Again. After everything had quieted down and a large number of the Akron people people had left the village Mayor Young took Captain Fenton of the Nonpareils and Captain Hart of the Falls team into into his offie and had them sign an agreement to play another game at the Falls on October 31. "I deplore this matter greatly," said the mayor, "and order will be preserved at the next game if I have to have 50 policemen policemen on the grounds. I assure you that you will be protected. This trouble trouble is a disgrace to the town and I want to show the people that we can have a foot ball game here without having people try to kill each other. If any trouble occurs at the ,next game I give' you my word and honor that there will never be another game played in the town if I can help it as long as I am mayor." So far there have been no arrests made and the probabilities are that there will not be any. Over 50 people taok part in the rioting. ,

Clipped from
  1. The Summit County Beacon,
  2. 22 Oct 1903, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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